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Logo for an outdoor experiences company by Roy Smith

Roy Smith freelance designer recently uploaded this beautiful logo of a company that does outdoor experiences. I love the genre busting logo of being both a symbol and a monogram, with the feather having the initials part of the design. It is subtle and for it’s beautiful lines and proportions it could function as the logo even if the initials were not WA, as that is the characteristics of a feather. What also places hearts in my eyes is how the feather is pointed, resembling a bullet and with the negative line that follows from the quill to the rachis of the feather it gives the brand a sense of motion. One does not get the sense that this is a business run by weekend warriors, but by professional experienced guides thanks to the logo. As for the brand elements, the use of the negative shape of the ‘A’ for brand application is just so conceptually slick, as it represents trees and the outdoors, without distracting from the logo. The strict geometric lines of the brand element offers contrast against the structured and flowing lines of the logo while complementing it.

What many freelance designers tend to focus on is this ideas that symmetry is key to crafting a logo or icon. I can think of great symmetrical logos – Starbucks, BP, ADIDAS, Shell, Unilever – the trick is in the way these symbols and elements are applied to make them distinctive and memorable, but often symmetry is boring when your soccer mom / freelancer has not yet developed the eye for such things. What I also love about this design is that it is asymmetrical. Can you think of the worlds most recognizable brand (four letters long starts with N ends with E)? Is the swoosh symmetrical or asymmetrical?

Hats off Mr Smith

Logo design for outdoor experience company applied in different formats


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