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We are EAVS, a bespoke visual solutions & branding agency. We design & create the best visual associations for your brand, your most valuable asset. We started EAVS in 2010 with a simple but compelling vision: to awaken businesses to their purpose, to enrich brand experiences. By establishing your company’s big idea, first and foremost, we can communicate who you are and why you matter to the people you wish to do business with. We create these symbols, because we like metaphors. Milan Kundera once wrote, ‘Metaphors are dangerous. Metaphors are not to be trifled with. A single metaphor can give birth to love’. And we just love danger and seduction.


We specialize in creating visual identities for brand-led businesses, but we also take branding into the third-dimension by creating tactile installations and branded environments to extend brand experiences beyond a mere visual sense, into a more engaged interactive experience.


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Every successful person and brand communicate in the same manner. They communicate from their source of motivation, they communicate not only what they do, but more importantly why they do what they do. They communicate directly with our biology, the limbic system of the brain, where trust, all behaviour and all decisions are made, which allows them to establish a relationship. This is opposed to rational or fact-giving communication which is effective only when the audience is already engaged.

This open manner of communication is the only way to attract and develop a dialogue with the people you wish to do business with. It is our job and proposal to define this source of motivation, the core idea of the company, and translate it into visual terms.

There are 3 steps in which we work to define and create these intangible assets:


A simple consultation to scope the what, how and why of the company’s existence is necessary to determine the intended message for the brand experience.


The analysis and research of your company and market is required to determine how to communicate your big idea and translate that into visual terms.

Design & Layout

With years of experience in visual communication we work along side our clients to find a visual solution that is specific for the intended audience.